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In 1998 the Manchester Parks Foundation hosted an egg-dying program followed by its first Annual Egg Hunt. Foundation members and volunteers taught visitors how to dye eggs using such natural materials as tea, ground coffee, onion skins, turmeric, and red beet skins and tops. Afterwards twenty-five children looked for the hidden hard-boiled eggs.

Since that time the foundation has done away with naturally-dyed eggs in lieu of plastic treat-filled eggs. "They are safer for the children, we are able to provide a larger quantity of eggs, and the eggs are recycled. Using the eggs over again saves on the amount of plastic that winds up in the landfills and also saves the foundation money," says Sharon Hughes, the foundation's Chairperson.

Children who are able to walk up through age 12 seek the "prize egg" in hopes of winning the grand prize for their age group; scooping up as many eggs as possible and placing them into their favorite baskets that they have brought from home.

In past years the prizes have consisted of baskets of goodies, stuffed toys, puppets, and more. The Grand Prize winners have the opportunity to have their pictures taken to be shared in the local newspapers and on Charlotte's Quest Nature Center's website.

Easter Adventure Egg Hunt Winners

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